Why Connect Northern Virginia?

We want to help to connect individuals, businesses, and organizations to specific programs and services in an easy, user-friendly way.

With growing social needs and reduced funding, Nonprofit and government organizations in Northern Virginia are asked to do more with less. Organizations need to help address the issues present in our region by collaborating and developing evidence-based, accountable programs.

Policy makers, funders, and service providers do not always have the time to find, manage, and evaluate the information available in thousands of valuable websites and databases. We must work smarter by making better use of information.

Connect Northern Virginia is a site for everyone. We are a one stop shop for addressing the various issues many areas of our region are facing every day, connecting you with the necessary programs, and offering volunteer and donation information.

Ready to Connect?

Are you assisting someone in search of services or do you need to connect with health and human services?

Finding food, health, housing, and education programs is now fast, friendly, and reliable. Connect Northern Virginia Issues database, powered by Aunt Bertha, is making human services information more accessible to those in need and those wanting to support key needs in our community. Simply search by zip code to see results for emergency, food, housing, goods, transit, health, money, care, education, work, and legal services.

By leveraging the power of Aunt Bertha, the Connect Northern Virginia Directory is a robust and comprehensive online directory of local, state, and national service information. Extremely user friendly and offering person-first search terms, results include web links, phone numbers, hours, maps, and information on next steps or how to apply.

If you know of a nonprofit organization or government program working in the area you identify and is not included,  please search by term.