Connect Northern Virginia is about connecting to information about services in our community.  This is great for those seeking information whether for themselves or general knowledge of the community’s resources.

We’ve partnered with Aunt Bertha, a national program . Aunt Bertha’s mission is to make human service program information more accessible to those in need get involved with key community program.

So if you are searching for organizations that provide care, education, food, goods, health, housing, legal, money, transit or work,  this Aunt Bertha database can work for you.

Who should use the Aunt Bertha system?  

When an individual or an organization has a need, or wants to get involved, it becomes necessary to find the needed resources and information quickly.

When a business wants to support its community, it becomes necessary to connect with the best resources and information quickly.

We continue to support the work of our 2-1-1 system, For an individual in need of EMERGENCY services, we recommend that they contact 2-1-1 Virginia.