Connector Conference

October 13, 2018 all-day
1101 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209
Charmed Cardinals

Are you tired of prioritizing everything else over your own success?

It’s ok, so are we.

Guess what?

We did something about it! And we are taking you with us!
On Saturday, October 13 we guarantee that YOU are your number one focus.

The Connector Conference by Charmed Cardinals is a one day experiential event that allows participants to reconnect with what may feel like a fragmented life.

With this event we are combating the normal internal dialog of “I’ll do some networking on Tuesday, sign up for that workshop 2 weeks from Wednesday, get my girl time in on Saturday and focus on myself by journaling in the early mornings”.

Come on now, we can do better than that.

Lets super charge our success and do it all!

In one day!

The Connector Conference is NOT your typical conference.
We have designed it to fulfill you in ways that will not only propel you into a more positive and fruitful future, but also scratch an itch you may not have known was there.

Our approved speakers and break out experts will spend the day having attendees connect with their callings, communities, creativity and confidence through their own individual unique and experienced ways.

It’s going to be deep, ladies. But not scary deep.

There will be transformations and growth and it will be an absolutely inspiring and beautiful day in herstory.

You wont leave the way you came.

You WILL know your worth.

You know you but who are we and why should you spend the day with us?
Since 2015 the Charmed Cardinals women’s empowerment society has been providing an outlet for overextended high-achieving women to reconnect to themselves and high vibe friends through thoughtfully curated in-person gatherings.

We have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Sometimes professional development, maybe personal wellness, some crafting stuff, lots of laughs, and always great connections.

With the Connector Conference it is intended to be a years worth of society experiences in a day. As mentioned, our members are all extremely obligated and engaged women so we provide them with the opportunity to learn, network and grow in a positive and inviting environment each month.

And we want to make that opportunity available to you!

If you are a female founder, solopreneur, creative, or someone with a mindset that is looking to branch out on your own at some point, this is THE event for you to attend.

You will have an entire day to focus solely on your professional or personal (or both) growth. All while being surrounded by and engaging with some of the most collaborative, sincerest and brilliant women in the DC metropolitan area.

In addition to our main stage speakers who will address all attendees, we will also have more than a dozen break out sessions in 3 tracks.

Learning for Your Earning
How to Use a Podcast to Grow and Leverage Your Brand
How to Cultivate Loyal Customers
Moment to Movement: Building a For Profit Social Enterprise
Play Big and Shine Bright with Your Brand
How to Hire a Rockstar
Make n Take
Dry Erase Frames
Mantra Necklaces
Creativity Conquers the Inner Critic (journal)
Your Story as the Bridge to Your Inner Self
Strategically Sharing Your Brand on Social Media (social media written plan)
Reflection for Connection
The Calling’s Common Thread
Master Self-Limiting Beliefs to Acheive Your Next Goals
Moving from Chaos to Calm: Emotional Release
Hypnosis for Self Empowerment
Core Training Secrets
Unlocking Your Code: (re)Connecting to Your Passion & Purpose
For more detailed information on the speakers and presenters visit our official site:
Lunch is included in your registration fee as well as beverages throughout the day. The event will be held in Fairfax County, VA.

If you sign up for our First to Know email, you will receive the 3 messages that have been sent to date. The 2nd email has details for our email subscribers on how to win raffle tickets for our “me time” gift baskets. Those gifts so far are: a weekend get away, a beauty product gift basket, a handyman for a day, and a pottery class. There will be 24 total gifts you could potentially win at the conference!

The Connector Conference also has an Instagram and Facebook event with great engagement.