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Northern Virginia Connect

We welcome you to Connect Northern Virginia. This site is dedicated to defining and addressing issues facing the Northern Virginia communities.

We launched Connect Northern Virginia in the Fall of 2013. We've had thousands of visitors. We're happy to become a resource for so many in so many ways.

We do ask that if you find something that's not working 100%, please use the feedback button found in the upper right hand corner of the site. This will alert us to a problem that needs attention. Sharing success stories is also welcomed!

--The Connect Northern Virginia Development Team

Point Of View

Loudoun and Fairfax:  Happiest Counties in the United States?

Two months after the United States placed number 13 on a report marking the happiest countries across the globe, SmartAsset is zoning in on the "happiness" of American counties. And two places in Northern Virginia are on top of the company's annual list.

Loudoun returns to its number one spot as the happiest county in America. For the second year in a row, Loudoun is favored for its low unemployment and poverty rates (both under 4 percent) and an income ratio of 2.5, meaning that residents' incomes are more than twice the cost of living.

Fairfax County ranked second on the list (it placed third last year). SmartAsset points out that the runner-up is just one of three counties in the ranking where residents are expected to live over 83 years.

Learn About
Community Issues

Connect Northern Virginia has information about a wide range of issues affecting our region.  The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia has identified these broad issues as community priorities:

  • Access to Affordable Housing and Meeting Basic Needs (Poverty Relief)
  • Enriching Arts and Culture
  • Children and Youth Succeed
  • Education and Workforce Readiness
  • Prepared for Emergencies and Ready to Respond 
  • Sustainable Environment and Natural Resources
  • Healthy Individuals and Communities
  • Positive Living for Older Persons and Those with Disabilities

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About Connect Northern Virginia

Connect Northern Virginia is an initiative to expand understanding of important community needs in Northern Virginia.

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