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“Tomorrow’s Leaders” By Michelle Jones, Program Director, Loudoun Youth, Inc.

Engaging today’s Loudoun County teens is no easy task. They exist in an environment of constant competition for their time, enjoy endless entertainment opportunities, and hold an exhausting course schedule that would make most adults’ heads spin. Add in after-school activities, social media, resume building experiences, and pressure to excel in everything, and it’s no wonder they’re often stressed. So, how do we prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders? Do we pile more to-do lists on to their already full plates and tell them to get used to it, that constantly feeling overwhelmed is just part of a successful life?

Center for Geographic Analysis to Help Visualize Virginia’s Food Access Issues

First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe Partners with William & Mary’s Center for Geographic Analysis to Help Visualize Virginia’s Food Access Issues.

“Together, with the Commonwealth Council on Bridging the Nutritional Divide, we have worked to align our efforts to increase healthy food access, eliminate child hunger and accelerate the efforts of dedicated partners from across the state,” said First Lady McAuliffe in a press release issued at a meeting of the Commonwealth Council on Bridging the Nutritional Divide.

Mason Game & Technology Academy

MGTA is proud to be featured in Mason’s George Newsletter!

Beginning fall 2017, Computer Game Design Senior Shipley Owens and Stonewall literacy coach Elizabeth Jones have collaborated on teaching the students in Jones’ Reading Strategies class to improve their literary skills. The class was for eighth-graders who failed their reading Standards of Learning (SOL).

Loudoun Hunger Relief

Why did the tomato blush? I’ll tell you at the end….

We all know that healthy eating is better for us. Most of us have the means to eat more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins along with heart healthy, whole foods. We just need to think about it, make a plan, and shop for the foods that meet our nutritional needs.

Women Seeing More Success

This is a great place for women to start companies. Loudoun has more than 3,500 female executives, and more than 500 women who run farm businesses. Founders can take advantage of female-led investment opportunities, such as WE Capital and The Vinetta Project, that support women entrepreneurs through investment, connections and mentorship.
There’s also support for farm-based businesses. For example, Virginia Agri-Women launched in Loudoun to help grow businesses related to agriculture.
Loudoun Economic Development supports all entrepreneurs by identifying and connecting you to resources to help you launch and grow. You can learn more about resource partners that provide services specifically to female-led ventures on


Aunt Bertha, a Public Benefit Corporation based in Austin, TX, exists to make information about free and reduced-cost human services programs accessible to people in need and the organizations that serve them. This social service search and referrals platform has an extensive database of programs that covers the largest cities and the smallest towns. Programs include services like local food pantries, free rides to medical appointments, housing assistance, job training, help paying bills, and nationwide programs like the federal food stamp program.