Author: Srikrishna Dammalapati

At this time of year, most of us are focused on the possibilities and opportunities that come with fall: a new school year, brisker air, and the desire to dive into new efforts. For the families we serve at Loudoun Hunger Relief (formerly Loudoun Interfaith Relief), fall is never quite that simple.

Life Skills: Farm to Table

Britepaths’ clients and staff enjoyed a Healthy Eating Workshop at our office on Saturday, August 19. Master Food Volunteer Sue Gonzalez and Katie Strong, Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences, for the Virginia Cooperative Extension, made two delicious summertime salads and gave us tips on how to eat healthier and how to make our own recipes healthier without losing the taste. Their recommendations include:

Innovation Starts in the Classroom Written by Vanessa Wagner, Loudoun County Economic Development.

For the past several years, one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations in the DMV has been acquiring talent. While Virginia boasts the second highest concentration of technology workers in the country, the fast growth of our firms and influx of new business has pressed industry to create unique solutions to attracting a strong workforce. Loudoun-based Telos is one of the firms taking action to bridge these gaps, through their leadership position at Northern Virginia Technology Council.

Day of Action! Join the First Lady of Virginia September 29, 2017 during the Virginia Food Access Network Day of Action!

What is the Day of Action?

The Virginia Food Access Network (VFAN) inaugural Day of Action is a way to come together as a food community to promote access to healthy food in the Commonwealth.

Fairfax County 2016 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Awards

Recently, the winners of the 2016 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Awards were honored at a Fairfax County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Tim Fleming, Chair of the Volunteer Fire Commission, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Reggie Johnson, and Chairman Sharon Bulova of the Board of Supervisors presented the awards to the recipients. The recipients were recognized for their outstanding fire, emergency medical, and administrative service to the county during 2016.

Helping Your Company Do Well by Doing Community Good! By Nikki Daruwala

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the process by which a company contributes to its community’s well-being by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. In 2017, that role is growing, and the relationship between companies and the nonprofits they support is changing.

We no longer seek the kind of paternal checkbook philanthropy that once defined the one-way transactional relationship between corporations and nonprofits. Now both nonprofits and companies are seeking a transformative, collaborative relationship that will have a collective positive impact on their communities.

Cultural Awareness through Communications

Communication is the cornerstone of everything we do.                

What is cultural communication and why does it matter?

We talk about America as being the great melting-pot of different cultures. For most of American history, we were culturally diverse but not culturally integrated. That has changed which makes understanding the different cultures we are likely to interact with on a day-to-day basis both challenging and extremely important.

Culture is the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society. But it’s really much more nuanced than that. It’s what we believe and value. It’s learned and shared. Culture provides a sense of self and of belonging. It represents how we interact and communicate all of those things and may change depending on who we are talking to.