Volunteer Opportunities Available for the PRS Hotline

PRS CrisisLink has recently relocated our call center from Arlington, Virginia to Oakton, Virginia!

PRS CrisisLink is a regional telephone hotline and textline-for individuals facing serious life challenges and suicidal thoughts.  Last year, PRS CrisisLink handled nearly 34,000 crisis calls and 5,600 crisis text conversations from the Northern Virginia region.  CrisisLink’s hotline and textline numbers did not change and are still available 24/7/365:

  • PRS CrisisLink Hotline: (800) 273-TALK [8255] or (703) 527-4077
  • PRS CrisisText Connect: Text ‘Connect’ to 85511

In addition, we are actively looking for new volunteers to help staff our hotline.  Our hotline volunteers receive over 50 hours of training.  As a hotline volunteer, we ask for a three hour, weekly commitment to answer our phone lines at our call center. Thanks to our many volunteers we are able to change and save lives.  To learn more about our volunteer opportunities or, if you are interested in volunteering; please visit our website; www.prsinc.org or contact Christina Holman at; Cholman@prsinc.org