Reflections on the Value of Community Connections

On my recent trip to India for a wedding, I had found strong community efforts that blew my mind away! The city I lived in was Kotdwara and right in the middle of the market place. I noticed that they were focused on the certain quote: “United we stand, divided we fall” – Unknown. This creates a community based culture that focuses on helping each other out. On certain days of the week all the shop keepers donate some money to the poor, send food to local centers and serve them to provide for the hungry constituents. Business owners recommend each other businesses so the customer receives what they want. My cousin in the area recently put in “new technology” there by assembling screens on top of buildings to promote the local businesses. The city was in a mutual understanding that we as a community must grow together. And the connectivity of the community impressed me when I used to walk on the streets with my uncle and they would all say hello and greet us.

Pranav Sharma

Connect Northern Virginia Volunteer.