Salad Science – A Sustainable Project Based Learning Opportunity.

With on-site support from an ANS Naturalist, students grow lettuce while learning about plant science and nutrition through a variety of sustainable hands-on lessons. Students log data, make predications, record observations and track plant growth in a journal. Geared for grades PreK to 5th, the project culminates with a harvest and salad party including healthy toppings and dressings.

  • Cross-curricular STEAM lessons align with Virginia Science and Health SOLs
  • Served over 1500 LCPS and FCPS students
  • Supports school system initiatives including “One to the World”, Go-to-Green and Virginia Naturally Recognition
  • Supported by LCPS and FCPS Science and Nutrition Services

For more information, contact

Rust Sanctuary (NOVA ANS Headquarters) | 802 Children’s Center Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175