Courage and Perseverance

Britepaths’ Financial Literacy Program Director recently received this wonderful email exchange between our recently graduated Financial Mentoring client, A, and her volunteer Financial Mentor, M. We are so proud of A’s progress, and delighted that M feels that he received as much from the mentoring relationship as A did.

“Dear M:

I hope you are well…I was reflecting on the past six months, and I realized that it would not be possible without your mentorship. Thank you!

In December I was able to complete my loan to my job, and in January I began the “penny challenge” and the “reverse money challenge,” two-money saving strategies where you save a penny a day, compounded  or $1 a week,  compounded. I’m putting the money into a savings account I don’t see often and it’s been so much fun to watch it grow. My family recently had an opportunity to move in with a family member, and I will be able to save an unimaginable amount of money and focus on my student loans. I’m also doing really well in my side business, even generating a bit of income.

I still have a ton of room for improvement, but I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have met you and how blessed I was to be a part of Britepaths!

Take care, 


“Good Morning, A:

It is wonderful to hear about how well you are doing! Thank you for the compliment of saying my mentorship helped you. Several times I’ve also wondered how you are doing.

I hope you feel an immense sense of Pride in your accomplishments! You have faced many challenges along your path, and continue to conquer each of them. Fear of seeing your debts, Fear of asking others for support, Fear of failing. But your Courage and Perseverance continue to carry you along to accomplishing your goals.

In my own life, I can get frustrated if I do not make improvements each and every day. But I’m learning to keep my focus on small (but meaningful) accomplishments over longer periods of time. Slip-ups and failures are simply part of my long-term Growth and Progress.  When I can accept these setbacks I allow myself the Freedom to just be the Human Being I was created to be.

I think I learned as much from you as you learned from me. Keep up the good work you are doing!

Take good care,