Anatomy of a non-profit donor

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Today, I’d like you to ask yourself a question about your fundraising efforts: Are you getting a compelling message to the right people, and convincing them to act?
If you’re like most of your non-profit peers, the answer is probably “no.” Many of you are still relying on mass mailings and e-mails that don’t deliver the results you deserve. Others are blanketing the latest social media trends without a clear plan, spending too much time and money to generate less revenue than they could be.

Why? Most non-profits don’t know who their best prospects are, and what makes them “tick.” Without this knowledge, it’s impossible to approach the “market” strategically, and achieve cost-effective results.  Fortunately, you can know them, really well, and it’s not that hard.  All it takes is some up-front effort and on-going attention.

In our most recent article, Anatomy of a Non-profit Donor, we discuss how to identify and get intimately familiar with your best prospects, customize approaches to reach them and influence their actions, and prioritize to get the best return on investment. You can read our two-page article by clicking here.

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