Connect Northern Virginia is a website designed to help YOU connect to community resources whether you’re a business, a nonprofit, a government program, an education organization or an individual seeking services.  The goal is that these connections lead us to a stronger and more supportive community.

With Connect Northern Virginia, you can connect to programs and services – All in One Place. You can learn about community initiatives. Use Connect Northern Virginia to discover local events and also post your own events on the calendar. Another popular option is connecting to volunteer opportunities. All of the features are an excellent way to partner throughout your community to become involved or address community needs.

Visit the resources page to easily locate various goods, resources and programs, and connect with these resources based on need, interest and location. The search engine, powered by the Aunt Bertha developed database, gives you the ability to find resources close to where you need them.  Begin a search by identifying resource area and zip code. It will bring you information on resources beginning at your zip code and beyond.  Most organizations will be locally-based, locally-serving.  Some will be nationally-based.

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Volunteering and finding volunteers in Northern Virginia is easy! Each county has its own volunteer center. Just contact the volunteer center in the county where you live or work, and they can connect you to nearby opportunities.


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